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Pastor Dale & Lucila Jensen

Pastor Dale Jensen has been the Pastor of Praise Tabernacle church since 2007.  He and his wife, Lucila, have an incredible knowledge of the bible, and love all mankind.


Richard & Elizabeth Phillips

Elizabeth Phillips is the assistant Pastor, worship leader, and main translator of the church.  Richard Phillips, her husband, has been preaching the gospel since 1990.  Their beautiful spirit make Praise Tabernacle a warm and welcoming place.


Abigail & Alyssa Jensen

Abigail and Alyssa are beautiful young women of God.  They oversee the nursery every Sunday morning and run the church tech.

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Lexi Burton

Lexi oversees all online communications as well as handling advertising for the church.  In addition, she has held many bible studies and activities for the youth. 


Tricia Jensen

Tricia Jensen, wife of David Jensen and mother of three children, is the church treasurer and coordinator. She also oversees the youth ministries Tricia is always willing to help.  Her generous spirit is something that is unmatched by anyone.


Marvin Buckland

Marvin Buckland oversees men's ministries, is a valued board member.  He and his wife, Maria, have been faithful members from the very beginning. They are always willing to help with whatever needs to be done!


Rebecca Davila

Rebecca, married to Oscar Davila, has a teaching degree in early childhood development and oversees the children ministries.  Her and Oscar love spending time with the children.  Her kind and energetic personality allows our children to connect with not only her but also her teachings.